These are our Open process Areas that serve to facilitate the presentation of posts and discussions on various human affairs. promotes the presentation and discussion about situations where something unexpected, original and interesting is happening or might happen in the realm of human affairs. It looks for what has been or can be created or improved in this world, in its works and activities. In particular, on subjects related to limits and interrelations in politics, art and economy. It looks for situations that can create a different common world, with many senses, many layers of meanings and a better future.

To express each affair, an open process is created and we look for possible forms in which situations could exist in the world. This process of giving form to the affairs allows us to face the unexpected and the risks that arise from the unpredictability and irreversibility of the common world.

The’ Open process Areas serve to facilitate the presentation of posts and discussions on various human affairs. The website is currently organized in 6 categories:

1) “World of Creatives and Plurality” – Here you find topics that have to do with itself and the central themes of this website.

2) Creativity in the World – Here you find subjects that concern the “Creativity in the World”, the one that has no goals outside of itself, nor is a means to achieve certain ends. This differs from the “Functional Creativity”, which is often present when someone speaks or writes about creativity.

3) Plurality and Politics – Here we have affairs about the truly political activities, action and speech, which cannot be realized without the presence of others, without a space constituted by many. Here there aren’t ends that justify the means, for the sole purpose of politics is to engage all in plurality through appearance. Plurality is the human condition of action, because it isn’t the human being in singular, but the human beings in plural that live, make and act in this world.

4) Arts and spaces of thought – Here you find themes about arts, in their habitual manifestations or modes of expression (creations of poetry, painting, cinema, etc.), and affairs about spaces of thought, the individual creations that are a thought in the world. The space of thought exists in the world as an action that has the condition of plurality. We’re interested in the complexity of the experiences of this thought and the possible ways in which it can be expressed in the world.

5) Economics in the World – Earth today is like a huge house of countless families, where our problems happen together with those of many others, or even with all humans beings. Therefore, in Economics we also find many subjects that concern all human beings and areas for the appearance of original and unexpected cases. We also don’t forget its connections with politics and art.

6) Other Human Activities – Here you find situations that doesn’t fit in the previous areas and that have to do with other existing approaches of the human being and nature, that can be useful, such as science (creation of functions), philosophy (the creation of concepts and truths), history (creating history), religion, psychology, psychoanalysis, etc.

In this “World of Creatives and Plurality”, we don’t search if something is true or false, but rather, in each subject, we seek what is or may be unexpected, unique, original, beautiful, right, interesting, creative in plurality.

In each open area, posts and discussions processes are created. Each subject discussion constitutes a Forum space with a moderator. It’s not our intention to reach definitive works or conclusions, it’s intended to be an open process where we act with what could be the reality. As an open work where each one has a different notion and perception on each subject, and where we look for possible forms in which situations can exist in the world.

We are interested in topics that are more universal, those that transcend borders, not just between countries or regions, but also between categorizations and typifications of subjects, for which there are no specialists. For these affairs we don’t seek explanations or how they work, we simply want everyone to use their creativity and share the feeling of being in the world, of being with others, giving possible forms to what each situation is or could be. Thus, each one can contribute to create a world where there is a more creative sense and where people can think, create and act in plurality.

There are many situations that are happening or that may happen in the realm of human affairs for which it would be interesting to apply the Creativity in a World of Plurality. You can see the topics open for discussion on the Forums page (in English). wants to create many open processes for other situatuons. You can contribute with your publications on the various subjects and with suggestions to begin new areas of discussion on human affairs.

You can find the reason why we exist in About Us. To know about who participates and how to participate see more information in Members. You can Register here. To know where we are see our Contact.

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Note: Images from the Films:

1) Faraway, So close! (1993, Wim Wenders).

2) The Night Porter (1974, Liliana Cavani) – Charlotte Rampling and a version of Marlene Dietrich in the song of Friedrich Holländer “Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte” (If I could wish for something).

3) Wings of Desire (1987, Wim Wenders) – Very impressive Bruno Ganz.