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    Filipe Novais

    If I want to be creative in the world, what do I do? What to think and act in the realm of human affairs? What can I do for this?…

    Rosário Forjaz

    Sometimes I get lost. Often I get lost. I get lost when I search for a place.
    Sometimes I lost. Often I lost things. I lost things I search.
    I consider my self as an artist. As an artist, I search. I search for things and for places.
    As an artist, I find things when I get my self-lost.

    It is a condition to be creative?
    Is it a characteristic concerning artistic being?

    Rosário Forjaz

    quando deixo o pensamento sair do lugar onde estou.
    quando a desconcentração de uma tarefa convoca outra acção.
    quando volto a um texto escrito noutro lugar ou noutro tempo.
    encontro inspiração.
    encontro uma acção anterior e um pensamento que vivi.

    Encontrar é uma forma de voltar a um processo que por alguma razão criou uma tensão. Provocar é convocar. Criar é possível quando convocamos pensamentos que nos identificaram e para o qual nos manifestámos.Foi o que aconteceu com a leitura do comentário que fizera, a propósito de um filme, no cinecartaz do jornal Público.
    Aqui deixo a referência.

    Com a descoberta deste fórum, descubro não apenas uma forma de testar uma capacidade de dialogar mas também uma forma de descobrir como entrar e sair de uma esfera pessoal.
    To be or not to be creative in the world, is a topic that concerns this way of going back.

    Nota: Gostava de ter este comentário traduzido para inglês. Talvez noutro dia o consiga fazer.

    Rosário Forjaz
    Filipe Novais

    Thank you Rosario for sharing your personal page of photos and tastes! It’s a very nice page. I can feel the Flow…
    The mere fact of being on insperatus.org showing some of your work already shows that you want to share a way of being in the world and not only show personal concerns…

    The “creativity in the world” is born in thought and manifests itself through action. That’s what we can do to be “artists in the world”!! 🙂

    Rosário Forjaz

    thanks Filipe for your kind words.
    My new portrait concerns not only that way of being with art works that influence me and my work, but more to claim others attention. After such a toxic meanstrean through the exihibition and the curating process, at museum of Porto, visiteurs could lost the idea on going there…só with me and an image of that, i want tell to not miss Mapplelthorpe show at Porto Serralves Museum !For me it is A Huge lesson on Photograph and beauty. We are very lucky for having chance to see so many and diferent pictures toghether.

    Rosário Forjaz

    For sure it was not a coincidence my dress color!

    Filipe Novais

    Rosário, I can feel the beauty of the Blue in your photo with Mapplethorpe work! The exhibition in Serralves is intense and he was a very strong Artist! He acted in the world… Mapplethorpe was an Artist in the worldi!!

    We are very lucky to be able to see it together with one of the greatest living artists, Anish Kapoor. His models and works in the gardens are simply amazing and seeing the black hole made me goosebumps, as many of his works had done before… 🙂

    Rosário Forjaz

    to be or not to be is a sentence we all know.
    Shakespeare did it. or better wrote it.
    How can we be creative being?

    I don´t know if we can be creative.
    I don~t think that creativity will save the world.
    I don~t think that the world could be or could be creative
    I know that the world is what it is if we could just be and existe.
    for me question is about human writhes as nature selfs
    to be or not to be human is responsability of man that let others be different
    nature is for being differente
    diversity is a way of being
    we need nature
    we need plurality
    we need all and all needs eachone
    For me i can be creative if i could be and think and do
    For me creative is the world of freedom

    Filipe Novais

    Hello Rosário,
    Thank you for your words that made me think and act by writing these words 😉
    I think that “to be creative” is to be in a “World of Creatives and Plurality” (this is the other name of insperatus.org 🙂

    “Being creative” is an individual matter. And I think it’s confusing to use the word creative or creativity together with things like world (creative world), regions (creative regions), cities, organizations, groups or even creative thinking. Individuals are creative, but not the world, cities… or thoughts.
    “Since Socrates and Plato, we usually call thinking being engaged in the silent dialogue between me and myself”. The activity of thinking as such is “the habit of examining whatever happens to come to pass or to attract attention, regardless of results and specific content”. (Hannah Arendt)

    Thinking in the world is to be active in the realm of human affairs. Or, according with the designation given by Joseph Beuys, thinking in the world is doing “social sculpture”. And this attitude holds that if we accept that “everyone is an artist”, creativity will transform the societies in which we live. Creativity must begin in every human being, in his thought, in the expression of his freedom, and in this way everyone can incorporate and carry forward the impetus to change the world. It is to this expression of individual freedom that I call the spaces of thought of human beings in the realm of human affairs.

    (More on the post “Spaces of thought – Being active when he does nothing”)

    Hamlet’s “to be or not to be” is a good reference to important individual existence issues, such as the liberation of the self, the question of Mortality or even the different question of whether or not we are all artists in the world (rooted in Natality).

    “Being creative in the world” of insperatus.org is intimately linked to three important human conditions: Natality, Freedom and Plurality.
    Here, at insperatus.org, we do not want to find the “meaning of life” (like Arendt, we think it’s an unanswered riddle), and we do not want to “save the world” either! Creativity in the world, which occurs with individual thought and action, does not exist because it aims to save the world, but rather because everyone, each different and with his individual creativity, can try to create a different common world…, because we can give birth and create something original and unexpected in the world (insperatus :). This is the human condition of Natality.

    insperatus.org is also called “World of Creatives and Plurality” because we want it to have two other important human conditions: Freedom (the space where the individual has the ability to think and to be creative, to be capable of original and unexpected perspectives and actions) and Plurality (which means the simultaneous presence of innumerable perspectives and aspects in which the world presents itself and conditions us).
    For Arendt, Freedom means the capacity to begin something original, to do the unexpected, the capacity that all humans are endowed by virtue of their birth. Thus, action as the realization of freedom is rooted in natality, in the fact that each birth represents a new beginning and the introduction of the original into the world. So freedom is the possibility to think and meet other people in the realm of human affairs and thereby create something original and unexpected. To act means to think and take the initiative to introduce that original and unexpected in the world. This is how we create the world. This is the “creativity in the world”, the thought and action that take place in freedom and plurality!!

    (More on the post “Natality as a human condition” and other posts)


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