Everyone can participate through access to publications on human affairs. Members are all those who wish to share other possibilities such as comments, publish or participate in discussions in Forum spaces.

We live in a world where some of the great values which have been aspired for centuries and for all humanity such as freedom, equality, solidarity, responsibility, respect for the rule of law and the search for a better world, have not yet been reached in many parts of the world or have been replaced by the simpler and populist goals of security, comfort, fear of difference, futile sustainability, nostalgia and mythology about returning to a past of glory. In a complex and uncertain world, simplistic answers have been sought and the unwillingness to change is the rule in the realm of human affairs. But instead of a world that works much like a reality-show, perhaps we can create, think and act in a world where answers to the problems are matters of practical politics and where individuals can imagine and create a different common world with a better future and situations full of meaning.

In this website, which we call insperatus.org or “World of Creatives and Plurality”, everyone can participate through access to published information on human affairs. The members are all those who want to share other possibilities such as comments, posts, or participate in discussions in Forum spaces. In this space of thought and creation, you can interact with people who want to share their interest in the realm of human affairs and can access Forum spaces where discussions are held on many human subjects.

Come and participate in insperatus.org to share thoughts, creations and actions in the complex realm of human affairs. The web of Members of this “World of Creatives and Plurality” will be extended to all those who wish to show and share their comments, publications and participate in discussions about situations where something unexpected, original and interesting is happening or may happen in the world.

In order to become a Member you only have to make your Registration, indicating your name and personal information with a recognizable profile (this may be a link to a profile on an internet site). There is a “Members Only” area for anyone who doesn’t want their profile details to appear on this page, outside the members’ area. Your email address will never be displayed on the website, or will be used for any reason without your agreement.


Next you find some of the members and people who are creating this website for you to join:

Filipe Novais

Creator of insperatus.org - As a Creative in the World I’ve been in spaces of thought. And these thoughts in the world gave birth to this website about the unexpected and original that is happening in the realm of human affairs.. In work life, I’ve been an economist in many projects and organizations. Porto, Portugal, Europe. See more

Mariam Vila

Voy a traducir posts para la edición española. Vigo, España. “No dejes que termine el día sin haber crecido un poco, sin haber sido feliz, sin haber aumentado tus sueños. No te dejes vencer por el desaliento. No permitas que nadie te quite el derecho a expresarte, que es casi un deber"... See more

Inês Novais

I'm a student at University of Amsterdam in PPLE (Politics and Economics). I'm organizing the debate club and I enjoy several creative activities such as playing piano and Theater... See more.

Rosário Forjaz

Walker . Artist . Teacher . (see more) . Think alone . Think toghether ... Laught is good ! I love the name of this blog it reminds me my contínuos lost in translation and the importance in mistakes and the casual of things and life. I find fóruns like this vital to touch real and belonging creative atmospheres.


Rita Ataíde Novais

Animation arts student and intern
Art/Politics fan
IDareYouToCreateIt - Nail It/Fail It


Peter Fruhmann

I’ve more than 30 years of experience in communication as a designer, copywriter and creative director at international agencies. Within Storybag I offer narrative strategies and practices as an effective and inspiring tool to organizations and to educational projects. I’m also a lecturer at the Film Department of the SAE Creative Media Institute Amsterdam and a guest lecturer at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (See more).

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Note: Image from:

1) Joseph Beuys work – Capri battery, 1985 – Actions, Vitrines, Environments – Modern Tate, London, 2005.