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(Latin word insperatus = unexpected)

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This website exists to stimulate “Creativity in the World” of each individual and not just a “functional creativity”. It serves to show unexpected and original things that happen in the realm of human affairs. We want everyone to be creative in the world! Here we believe that the concept of “Creativity in the World” and the 7 principles that contribute for each one to stimulate it, allow us to have a different attitude in the field of human affairs.

Through the concept of “Creativity in the World”, our main ambition is to inspire and promote different ways of creating, thinking and acting in the realm of human affairs, which consider the unpredictability and irreversibility of the common world:

Here we address the Creativity in the World and its plurality. We look for the unexpected and original in the realm of human affairs. In the web of relationships that exists wherever humans live together. Without borders, parameters or prejudices. Without private interests or mere needs. Here you find human affairs that concern everyone and for which there is no common measure or denominator that can be invented.

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Note: Image from Helena Almeida work – Exhibition: A minha obra é o meu corpo, o meu corpo é a minha obra – Museu de Serralves, Porto, 2015.