Welcome to the website insperatus.org (Latin word insperatus = unexpected)

Stimulate Creativity in the World! We want to stimulate thought and action in human affairs and the environment!

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This website exists to stimulate Creativity in the World of each individual, and not just a functional creativity. The site serves to organize and show many unexpected and original things that happen in the realm of human affairs, especially in politics, art, economics and environment. We want everyone to be able to inspire the creation of a different world, with a better future and many senses. We want everyone to be creative in the world!

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Note 1) Image: Madrid Jardin del Retiro, Photo: Rita Novais..

2) Image from Helena Almeida work – Exhibition: A minha obra é o meu corpo, o meu corpo é a minha obra – Museu de Serralves, Porto, 2015.