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insperatus.org exists to stimulate “Creativity in the World” of each individual, and not just a “Functional Creativity”. The author of this website started by giving birth to this concept of “Creativity in the World” and the theory that there are 7 principles that contribute for each one to stimulate their Creativity in the World! The site exists for everyone to help create a different world, with a better future and many senses! We want everyone to be creative in the world!

Diverse thoughts, speeches and actions in the world are shown here, and also interesting works or knowledge, free of parameters and prejudices, to which is added the sensibility that is obtained by combining individual Creativity with Plurality (the simultaneous presence of countless perspectives and aspects in which the world presents itself and condition us). Here you find human subjects that concern everyone and for which there is no common measure or denominator that can be invented.

insperatus.org is organised into 6 categories, which serve to facilitate the presentation of posts and eventual discussions about situations in which something unexpected, original and interesting is happening or might happen in different human subjects. What has been or can be created or improved in the world, in its achievements and activities is what is sought. In particular, in matters related to limits and interrelations in politics, art and economics, because they are human activities strongly associated with the common world.

The website is currently organized into the following 6 categories:

1) Creativity in the World

2) Plurality and Politics

3) Arts and spaces of thought

4) Economy in common World

5) Other Human Affairs

6) Cases of Creatives in the World

1) Creativity in the World – Here you find subjects that concern the concept of “Creativity in the World”, which is born when we are thinking or acting in the world, without goals outside of itself, or the search for means to achieve certain ends. This one differs from a “Functional Creativity”, which is often present when someone talks or writes about creativity. This is distinguished from “Functional Creativity”, which is usually present when someone talks or writes about creativity. Stimulating Creativity in the World will certainly contribute to improve Functional Creativity, when we need it.

2) Plurality and Politics – Here we have affairs about the truly political activities, action and speech, which cannot be realized without the presence of others, without a space constituted by many. Here there aren’t ends that justify means, because the sole purpose of politics is to engage all in plurality through appearance. Plurality is the human condition of action, because it isn’t the human being in singular, but the human beings in plural that live, make and act in this world.

3) Arts and spaces of thought – Here you find arts, in their usual manifestations or modes of expression (creations of poetry, painting, cinema, etc.), and also subjects about spaces of thought, the individual creations that are a “thought in the world”. A space of thought exists in the world as an action, and we’re interested in the complexity of this thought’ experiences and the possible ways in which it can be expressed in the world.

4) Economy in common World – Earth today is like a huge house of countless families, where our problems happen together with those of many others, or even with those of all humans beings. Therefore, in the economy we can also find many subjects that concern everyone and areas for the appearance of original and unexpected cases. We also don’t forget the connections between economics and politics and art.

5) Other Human Affairs – Here you find situations that doesn’t fit in the previous categories and that have to do with other human and nature approaches, which can be useful here, such as Education, Science (creation of functions), Philosophy (the creation of concepts and truths), History (creating history), Religion, Psychology, Psychoanalysis, etc. Particular attention will be given to Ecology, given its implications in the world and because many environmental preservation issues concern everyone.

6) Cases of Creatives in the World – In this category we consider the individuals who are creatives in the world. Those who manage to create spaces or works that give rise to original thoughts, debates or actions about issues related to human relations. In each case of creative in the world, some of the 7 principles that contribute for each one to stimulate their Creativity in the World are verified (and he doesn’t go against any of these principles). They can be individuals or different types of organizations. In the cases of creatives in the world presented, we don’t seek to understand or interpret their works or actions, but rather we want to show how they can contribute to stimulate Creativity in the World.

Tags – Each case of creative in the world is a tag on this website and so you can access all posts about each one, by doing a Search with that name, or finding a name on the Tags Page that you find here.

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Note: Images from the Films:

1) Faraway, So close! (1993, Wim Wenders)