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This “World of Creatives and Plurality” (insperatus.org) exists to facilitate and inspire the presentation and discussion about the unexpected and original that is happening in the realm of human affairs, contributing so that everyone can be creative in a different common world. We look for situations that result from thought and action in the world, which do not have an end or a purpose outside of itself. We look for what has been or can be created or improved in this world, in its works and activities. In particular, on subjects related to limits and interrelations in politics, art and economy, because these are human activities strongly associated with common world, where unpredictability and irreversibility prevail in their actions.

“Other Human Activities” are those situations and activities of human beings that are not so strongly associated with the realm of human affairs and that have to do with other existing approaches to human beings and nature, which may be interesting for the presentation and discussion about the unexpected and original that is happening in this common world. From activities such as science (creation of functions), philosophy (the creation of concepts and truths), history (creating history), religion, psychology, psychoanalysis, etc., there can also be many cases that can help changes in the realm of human affairs.

Therefore, in this area of the website, insperatus.org intends to explore issues related to other subjects, other than those directly involved in the realm of human affairs. We want cases that may be relevant to understand and imagine possible improvements or what futures can be created in the common world. Here we want approaches from areas such as science, which seeks the truth and wants to know and show how things work on Earth and beyond. Or other areas such as the individual’s knowledge of psychology or psychoanalysis, or the approaches of philosophy, spirituality and religions, etc. Bring your ideas, comments and texts also in these areas.

insperatus.org is a website for Creatives in the World and their posts! You can view, read or make posts, comments or participate in discussions about the unexpected of the realm of human affairs. In Plurality, we can all be creative in the world!!

Filipe Novais, Porto, Europe.

Image: Madrid Jardin del Retiro, Photo: Rita Novais.

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  1. Palimpsesto is the name of Doris Salcedo’s exposition i saw recently in Madrid.

    Looking at such a beautiful photo as the one shown here, not only brings my mind to the memory of the installation Palimpsesto (inside the house made of light, water and space) but also to the unexpected gesture of the man in the bicycle. The ambivalence of the approaches made me think through the correspondence from empty space – where visitors could walk slowly while names of forgotten people that died in places of conflit are remembered In a process of coming and going reading water surfaces – and the surprising face that can make. May be we should think how empty space can be full of Life.


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