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Stimulate Creativity in the World! We want to stimulate thought and action in human affairs and the environment!

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This website serves to organize and show many unexpected and original situations that happen or could happen in the world in which we all live. Here we present posts with texts from the author of this website, or we publish notes, references and parts of interesting articles from other authors, when they deal with the realm of human affairs and the environment.

We try to take note of some of the most unexpected and interesting things about Creativity in the World, Politics, Art, Economy and Environment. We want to find new ways of thinking and acting in the world, that show us that we are on the path to a better world to live, not only with more wealth, but also with better equity and environmental conditions. We want everyone to be able to inspire and contribute to the creation of a different world, with a better future and many senses. We want everyone to be creative in the world!

How can we all be creative in the world? The author of this website has been searching to understand this Creativity in the World, and he also intends to perceive how this concept can stimulate individual creativity and action in the realm of human affairs and the environment. You can find this concept developed in several Posts on this Website, for example, in “What is Creativity in the World” or other posts by the author.

Filipe Novais is the creator of this website and the author of many of the texts published here. He intends to be a creative in the world because, at least, he has created this website and the concept of Creativity in the World 🙂 Many years of reading, thinking and acting on what creativity means, what it serves for, and how it works, led him to give birth to this concept, which we can find in many situations that serve to create a different and better common world.

Filipe Novais was born in Porto, Portugal, Europe, and has a large professional experience in economics, management and environment, of over twenty-five years in various investment projects, organizations, activities and international contexts. He also has many experiences in art, in politics and associations. (See more in linkedin).

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1) Image from Joseph Beuys work – rose for direct democracy – Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich.

2) Our logo (“the breaking world”) was done by Rita Novais – you can watch her Animation Films Showreel here (music by BeGun).