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In some studies of management and business, there are interesting analyses on the impact of the creativity that is practiced in the arts on the functioning and leadership of the organizations. One of the pioneering cases was the study of the interaction between arts and business in Denmark by Lotte Darsø, published in the book “Art Creation: Learning Tales of Arts-in-business” in 20041.

The author presents cases of artistic practices in business environments, which can work as stimulators of learning opportunities and organizational change. This practice of the arts in business is proposed in two different ways: applied arts as an instrument for team or communication training, leadership development, problem solving and innovation processes; and the arts integrated into the business as a strategic transformation process, involving personal development and leadership, culture and identity, as well as customer relations and marketing. The author searches to understand what is the role of art in business or what that role might be, i.e., she tries to answer “the guiding research question: What can Business learn from the Arts?2. According to this study and other analyses and subsequent practices, we all have to gain from this interaction between arts and business, which is very useful for understanding behaviours that can enhance the use of imagination, creativity and innovation in leadership and decision-making in organizations.

There are an increasing concern with the interaction between business and the creativity used in the arts and a search for new concepts that allow the ideas and practices of the arts to be brought to organizations and business, in order to create, for example, more artful management or artful leadership. As Darsø says: “the suggestion of the book is that the productivity of the future is artful creation”.3

Although this is not the same as taking the topics of “Creativity in the World” to the daily life of organizations that we have presented in other posts, it seems interesting to take artists and cases of artistic practices to business environments, which can stimulate learning opportunities and organizational change.

But it seems to me that the most important thing for the world is to create ways to be with everyone, including within organizations, such as discussion forums and projects on topics and affairs that give everyone the feeling of being creative and contributing to the changes, in their companies and in the world. We will return to these subjects.

Filipe Novais, Porto, Europe.

Note: This is part of a Text I wrote and presented at a management and arts conference in 2018, titled “Creativity in the World and Leadership in Organizations” (22 pp). If you want to read the Text, I can email it if you contact me to

Image: Henry Moore, 1938, Recumbent Figure; Tate, London.

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