A site about Creativity in the World, the unexpected in the realm of human affairs, and original things in Politics, Art and Economics. We want everyone to be more creative in the world!

We are a website for Creatives in the World and their posts!! You can view or make posts, comments or participate in discussions about the unexpected of the realm of human affairs. In Plurality, we can all be creative in the world !!

We want to create a community that helps everyone to be creative in the world! One of our main questions is how to stimulate this creativity of individuals? And what is the role of organizations and societies in this creativity and the changes of the world, so that we can all create a different common world?

Welcome to insperatus.org !!

What is this? insperatus.org or “World of Creatives and Plurality” is a space for thought and creation that exists to facilitate and inspire the presentation and discussion about the unexpected and original that is happening in the realm of human affairs.

[insperatus – Latin word meaning unexpected.]

What is insperatus.org for? It´s an organization based in Porto, Portugal, Europe, that exists to promote a website to disseminate and discuss situations in which something unexpected and interesting is happening or can happen. It serves all people who wish to see, show and share thoughts, creations and actions in the complex realm of human affairs. Therefore, we hope to contribute to a better understanding and feeling of what has been or can be created in this world, in its activities and interrelationships.

What does insperatus.org want? It wants to facilitate and inspire the presentation and discussion about situations that can create a different common world, with many senses, many layers of meanings and a better future. Come and share your thoughts by creating posts or comments on open subjects. In addition to your thoughts, also bring your knowledge, free of parameters and prejudices, and add the sensibility that is obtained by combining individual Creativity in the World with Plurality, the simultaneous presence of innumerable perspectives and aspects in which the world presents itself and conditions us.

The main ambition of Insperatus.org is to inspire and promote different ways of creating,  thinking and acting in the realm of human affairs, which consider the unpredictability and irreversibility of the common world – A “World of Creatives and Plurality”:

Here we address the Plurality and the Creativity in the World.

We look for the unexpected and original in the realm of human affairs,

In the web of relationships that exists wherever humans live together;

Without borders, parameters or prejudices;

Without private interests or mere needs.

Here you find human affairs that concern everyone and for which there is no common measure or denominator that can be invented.

To know about human affairs that we are promoting see Open process Areas. To know about who participates and how to participate see more information in Members.  You can Register here. To know where we are see our Contact.

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Note: We always make references in what we use of ideas and images. Please do the same whenever you use any part of this website.

1) Image from Joseph Beuys work – rose for direct democracy – Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich.

2) Our logo (“the breaking world”) was done by Rita Novais – you can watch her Animation Films Showreel here (music by BeGun):